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All-in-One Fleece Tights - extra warm

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Skin tone: for light complexions 
Fit: One Size for 34-38/ XS-M

  • Cosy fleece keeps you warm down to -10°C
  • Perfect for winter and autumn
  • Slim look - legs look slimmer
  • Elastic and comfortable waistband
  • Breathable fabric with flat seam
  • Feet not lined - for an ideal fit in any shoe

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Thanks to the special sewing process, the All-in-One fleece tights look like 20 DEN fine tights and at the same time keep you warm like thermal tights. Therefore, they are ideal for the cold season. The lined tights keep you cozy and warm at temperatures down to 0°C.

Due to the robust material of the fleece tights, the Bellavie products are more tear-resistant than conventional fine tights. They are more durable, following our sustainable philosophy of reducing textile waste in the long term.

Our unique inner lining conceals skin imperfections as well as beauty marks, creating an even and flawless skin appearance.

Bellavie fleece tights have a very breathable fabric, which ensures that optimal heat exchange is guaranteed even indoors. In addition, the elastic waistband does not cut in and is finished with soft inner fleece, which makes them comfortable to wear.

The feet are not lined, so a perfect fit in any shoe is guaranteed.


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80% Polyester, 20% Spandex (vegan)

Care instructions

Usage Tip:

Our stockings are very resistant to tearing, nevertheless, mindful handling will lead to longer enjoyment of the product.

- Pay special attention to long or filed fingernails and toenails
- Should be treated like fine tights
- For lint it is best to use a lint shaver

Care instructions:

Wash at max. 30 degrees, best in a laundry net

- No fabric softener
- No dryer
- Do not iron

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