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Our fine tights are lined with soft fleece.

What's special about them? The lined tights are opaque, but look visually transparent, like thin 20 DEN tights. To find out how this is possible, check below ...

  • Smooth legs without shaving

    Troublesome leg shaving?

    No, thank you! Our fleece tights are 100% opaque. So you can easily hide your legs. Enjoy beautiful smooth legs without any hassle.

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  • Cosy warm legs

    Our soft inner fleece keeps you cosy and warm down to -10°C.

    Despite the inner lining, the tights make your legs look slimmer

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  • Flawless legs

    Want to make scars, tattoos or marks on your legs disappear? Our lined tights cover it all! Start your day with even more confidence!

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A thin layer of black yarn creates the transparent look. It was sewn onto the skin-coloured inner fleece from the outside with small gaps.

As soon as the tights are put on, the yarn layer expands and lets the fleece show through. This creates the effect of transparent fine tights.

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